the Soul of them all Junks that goes with Time

Easy Exercise to Improve Your Relationship with Nothingness While Walking

  1. Fix the line between the sidewalk and building walls as you walk. Notice pieces of garbage.
  2. Focus your attention on one garbage piece as you keep walking.
  3. Imagine a line perpendicular to the sidewalk/wall line, going deep into the concrete and brick like a root with several knots, representing the past of that object.
  4. Picture who last held that object, his or her state of mind when his or her hand dropped it. Your object will most likely be a very anonymous and common one with very little clues, so this exercise is completely up to your imagination.
  5. Picture the person who handed that object to the last one, and his or her state of mind and thoughts when the object changed ownership.
  6. Go as deep in the history of the object as you can in a few seconds.
  7. Move on to the next, most outstanding object that captures your attention.
  8. Repeat this exercise several times.
  9. Move on to smaller, broken and more worn out pieces of garbage, and try to do the same thing, faster, with them.
  10. Focus on even more broken up, smaller and insignificant pieces. Notice how they blend with other pieces and the ever-present dirt. Imagine their histories starting to melt and blend together.
  11. Focus on the dirt surrounding the shapes. Consider that it can be made out of recent garbage as well as one from 10, 100, 1000 years ago and million-year old minerals. The past lives of these elements are now cemented into something new. Rain, sewage water, urine, organic and mineral oils, heat and light are catalysts for chemical reactions which will transform this primordial paste into new elements.
  12. Apply this exercise to your own life history. Once you have carried out your duties, be they conquering the world or stealing purses, afterlife begins. Your memory will keep afloat for as long as your actions make it last. Eventually you will return your name to the dirt and become something else without really disappearing. What you did no longer has an author, grew its own legs and bred with other things.
  13. Get on the train.
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