Notes for reading

This is a work in progress.

This blog is about my new life in the vast land of the USA having only a couch and a laptop as a studio space. This place secluded from the world, but capable of  summarizing the world itself, is where I will write my chronicles, telling the history of my journeys and the difficulties of adjusting to American culture and life.

Some lines, marked with a ‘+’ icon on the right, have contents inside and can be clicked, acting as independent blog posts as well as verses of the whole poem.

New lines/posts will be posted at irregular intervals, until I think I have something to say.

Due to the nature of this writing, older posts will stay on top of the page, and newer ones will be added to the bottom. Older lines might be retouched and shifted around all the time as well.

I have never written serious poetry before, less then ever in a foreign language, with an exception (see bio), which is actually what this project is sprouting from.

Technical notes

This poem is written in Italian hendecasyllables. These metrics, so widely used in Italian poetry, hardly suit to the English language — they are therefore a perfect choice to express my situation. Stanzas are in Dante’s Terza rima.

Some words are meant not to be read with a correct English accent – they should rather sound like an Italian immigrant would pronounce them; therefore, the metric of these verses is syllabic, not accentual as most Anglo-Saxon poems. Also, some Italian metric rules are applied, such as absorbing consecutive vowels from different words into a single syllable (Synalepha).

The quality of the language varies across the poem depending on the context described.

Enjoy your reading.