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Stefano Cossu - photo Sonia Rosa Natante

Photo Sonia Rosa Natante

Stefano Cossu was born in Sassari, Sardinia, Italy in 1974. He attended the Arts Academy in Sassari and began travelling on a ferryboat several times a year to visit major art shows in Italian main cities.

In 1994 he tried to go to Mostar and Sarajevo to make an art work during the Bosnian war but no volunteer association would take the responsibility to take him with them.

In 1998 he left for Germany to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. After one month, only knowing a few German words, he wrote a poetry book in German language, now lost.

In 1999 he took a grant for a residency in Prague, Czech Republic, but he forgot his passport and had to cross the border through the woods.

In 2002 and 2003 he volunteered for creative activities in UN refugee camps near Nablus, Palestine.

In 2006 he attended to an art residency in Los Angeles and, after a trip to Death Valley, started working with pinhole photography. He also started a business as a web developer so he could work off site during his travels.

In 2008 he used his car’s trunk as a darkroom to change large format film on the road for a photo project. In 2009 he upgraded to his friends’ camper bathroom.

In 2009 he took an artist’s residency in Chicago and during the following year he made a photo series entitled Arson.

In 2011 he came back to Chicago and bought a couch for $90 at the Salvation Army with Chelsea, then his fiancee. He decided to root in Chicago and embrace the USA with her strengths and faults.

He works currently at the Art Institute of Chicago and deals with preservation of cultural heritage information. Outside work,  he intermittently pursues his research in conceptual photography and keeps writing this blog on his Salvation Army couch, which after long negotiations with his wife, was moved in their new home and found place in the basement.